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Tidy Little Toadstool

Meet a new desk buddy - a cute little Toadstool, ready to look after your pens, pencil and crochet hooks!

The spots at the top of the cap are joined together with crochet. You can find a video of this step on my Youtube channel, and linked below. This is the first time I've tried joining together so many small details, and I confess it was very fun to do - I hope you will enjoy it too! (Made me think what else could be combined like this... hmmmm...)

The Undercap is decorated with Spike Stitch - this is a really simple way to add texture, and looks particularly nice in cotton yarn. Here's how I make the Spike Stitch:

I used Paintbox Yarns Cotton DK in Paper White (401) and Red Wine (416) shades. Each Toadstool needs about 45gr of white and 25gr of red. I also used a bit of steel weighting in one of the samples, which I found in this AmazingCraft shop. It's not really necessary to weigh it down and it can sit up on it's own, but isn't it fun to use new supplies? I hope the videos help those of you making the pattern!

Happy crafting! Irina x

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