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Irene Strange


Irina is an amigurumi maker and crochet pattern designer, she has been writing crochet patterns under the pen name Irene Strange since 2009.


Learning all the basics of crochet from her grandmother at a young age, she picked up the hook again when studying at University after seeing some amigurumi toys on Flickr. Very quickly a small hobby grew into a bit of an obsession with all things crochet.  


Most of Irene's designs are inspired by nature. The amazing variety of animals, birds and other creatures sharing our planet is an endless source of wonder. She is drawn to the unusual and the cute, looking for new ways for creating shapes and adding character. She often writes patterns for UK crochet magazines like Inside Crochet and Crochet Now, as well as many personal projects. 


Currently Irene is living in South London, UK, sharing a flat with her husband, two young children (a boy and a girl), many amigurumi and lots and lots of yarn. 


Irene Strange
Irene Strange
Irene Strange

Most of Irene's amigurumi start out as a scribbled sketch on paper, with yarns and colours chosen to match the idea.
After this come prototypes, writing out the stitches, photographing the making process step by step while making the final amigurumi toy -  this becomes the pattern you can find in the shop. 

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