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New Pattern - Party Pup

Meet Dylan, a sweet little french bulldog pup! Today is his birthday and he is almost ready to party, only one important decision remains - does he wear the hat with the pompom or the hat with the party dots? It’s too bad he can’t wear both!

The Party Pup pattern is made in collaboration with the team at Hobium Yarns and all pieces are made in the La Mia Cottony yarn - a very soft DK weight cotton that works great for amigurumi projects. The pup is a detailed toy with new ways of shaping for the muzzle and the toes that I haven’t done before, but you will mostly need basic crochet stitches.

This is a video of how to sew up the muzzle, it sort of shapes it self with a bit of sewing help!

Download a copy of the pattern from Ravelry here: Party Pup - I really hope you will enjoy making him!

I would love to see your Party Pup, please share your makes with the hashtag #partypup on Instagram and remember to tag me in the post.

As always, Happy Crafting!!!

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