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First book coming soon!

I'm delighted to share with you the cover of my upcoming book, Irene Strange's Curious Crochet Creatures! There are 16 brand new patterns for creatures, some of which I've never made before. They are big, small, feathered and scaly - it's a very curious bunch!

The cover for a book, showing a selection of animals and sea creatures.
Curious Crochet Creatures - Book Cover

The book is split into 3 chapters, each exploring the world of mammals, sea creatures, birds and reptiles. You'll find a mixture of different construction methods and ways to add texture to the toys, and lots of step-by-step images to help make the projects.

To find out more and to pre-order a copy head to:

BookDepository Happy crafting!

Irina x

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2 comentarios

I’m working on the Echidna and have found mistakes on row 10 and row 16 on page 22. Now, I’m working on the claw and the instructions are completely lacking a whole section! Love the book but wish the instructions were inspected for mistakes. Michelle

Me gusta

I'm working on the Octopus at the moment and find your wording in rounds 61 too confusing verses 6sc then inc times 8 verses splitting up which can be confusing to a beginner which I'm not a beginner and do a lot of amigurumi's. I picked this book up in Joann's a craft store. I was wondering if there were others with question and any updates I should know of after the book was printed and released. I didn't see any acknowledgements on testers. ~ Laura from Virginia

Me gusta
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