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Meet Clarence, a young gardener’s apprentice with an appetite for flies and mischief. Clarence was just a seedling when he first discovered his talent for gardening, especially hunting all the pesky greenhouse pests. He has grown taller and stronger on a steady diet of buzzing flies, moreish moths and crawly caterpillars - gardening is easy when your are a growing Peckish Plant!

The instructions are written in US crochet terms. There are step-by-step photos detailing how to make the pieces and finish the toy. Clarence is around 27cm/10.5in tall when made in DK weight cotton with 3mm hook.

Clarence The Peckish Plant

SKU: AMI202303
  • ・make a Magic Ring 
    ・work in a round 
    ・single crochet 
    ・chain stitch 
    ・slip stitch 
    ・half double crochet 
    ・double crochet 
    ・work along a chain 
    ・work in front loops / back loops / third loop

  • The pattern can be made in a variety of yarn combinations, using thicker yarns will produce bigger plant. The sample is made in Paintbox Cotton DK, 50g/125m, with 3mm hook.

    You will need:  
    1 ball Lilac
    1/2 ball Purple
    Small amount Pink
    2 balls Green 
    Small amount
    1 ball Light Brown
    Small amount Dark Brown 

    You will also need some 10mm black safety eyes, craft pipe cleaners, toy stuffing and foam fabric stabiliser or thick felt.

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