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André is an anteater with a hidden surprise - he has a really long moveable tongue that can slide in and out of the mouth with the help of a retractable keychain hidden inside the body! You can see it in action here

The instructions are written in US crochet terms, with step by step photos detailing how to make the pieces and finish the toy. The tongue can be made with a retractable keychain or with a bit of elastic. There are also directions how to make it without any moveable parts. André wears a removable bib and has a few little ant friends to keep him company.

When made in 4-ply or DK-weight cotton the finished anteater will measure about 42cm/17 inch tall from nose to tail tip, not counting the tongue.


André The Anteater

    • make a Magic Ring
    • work in a round
    • single crochet
    • increase/decrease
    • invisible decrease/ invisible sc3tog (photos included)
    • crab stitch/reverse single crochet
    • chain stitch
    • slip stitch
  • You will need:

    A selection of 4-ply or DK cotton yarns

    50gr for the main colour and small amounts of the others

    30gr of Faux Fur yarn for tail, e.g. James C. Brett Faux Fur in H4 (Brown/White mix)

    Retractable key chain or some Elastic

    3.5mm hook

    12mm black safety eyes

    Toy Stuffing

    Darning Needle


    2 small beads for ant eyes

    3.00mm hook for the ant

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